Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why coffee 3 ​​in 1 is not good for you?

Coffee is our little magic potion, without which we can not imagine the beginning of the day and cheerful fun with friends. 

Ordinary "Turkish" coffee has many advantages compared to instant coffee 3 in 1 .

Instant coffee has a very low content of coffee beans. Coffee, which is used for the preparation of 1 to 3 is of poor quality, and most of the positive properties is lost during the thermal treatment. 

The content of instant coffee beans in them is minimal, and used poor grain quality because most of the positive properties lost during heat treatment. 

Excessive consumption of coffee can cause psychological as well as physical dependence. How many times do you felt a headache when you have not had coffee according to your daily schedule? How many times have you experienced irregular heartbeat when you drink too much coffee? 

The secret of the positive effect of coffee on health is moderate consumption. Turkish coffee is rich in minerals, especially magnesium and manganese. It has strong antioxidant properties, vitamin B 3 Coffee has a positive effect on brain cells, protects against atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and some cancers. 

The positive properties of coffee can not be confirmed for instant coffee. 
The main ingredient of the 3 1 the coffee sugar in combination with other harmful substances, such as glucose syrup, vegetable oil, and various emulsifiers which are carcinogenic. Hydrogenated vegetable fat can be a source of harmful trans fatty acids, which negatively affects the heart and blood vessels. 
Polyphosphates in instant coffee are acidity regulators, but have a bad effect on bone health. 
Instant coffee contains a small amount of coffee, from 9 to 17% of coffee, but contains natural acidity regulators, the sodium salt of citric acid, phosphates and natural anti-caking agent. All these substances negatively affect health. 

Caffeine is an alkaloid that causes alertness and increases heart rate.  Instant coffee contains more caffeine than regular coffee.  It is not recommended that the daily intake of caffeine exceeding 300 milligrams. A cup of instant coffee has 100 milligrams of caffeine approximates. 

Instant coffee can cause excessive secretion of acid in the stomach. 

ertain types of instant coffee contains glucose syrup, artificial sweeteners, aspartame and acesulfame K. These substances, according to some studies, can cause cancer. 
After this article should all ask ourselves what kind of coffee would be our preferred choice? 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tips for a happy day

Happiness is within you and around you. Only you need to find and capture! 

1 You wake up, stretch in bed and say to yourself, "Today, no one and nothing will spoil the day." A good book and morning coffee are a great start to the day. A kiss and a hug are more beautiful to start the day. If there's no one beside you, hug a book or a soft pillow. Just smile!

2 Be happy that you're healthy, be happy with what you have and strive to reach what you do!

3 Laughter is next to godliness. Laughter releases the hormone of happiness. Possession protects against cancer and heart attacks. Surround yourself with positive people.

4 Pack your bags and travel with friends or people you love. This weekend is a great opportunity to escape from everyday life. Open the piggy bank for this purpose. Saves slowly and you will see how the amount of money constantly increasing. Break the piggy bank when they get sunny days and hit the road! Do not forget your camera. The photos are beautiful memories.

5 Hold, touch and kiss the person you love.

6 French and Italian are so sexy. Start the learning of a foreign time. You might meet a fun-loving person who shared similar interests.

7 Again I say, love it. Kiss causes butterflies in my stomach, but it also reduces pain, boosts the immune system, relaxes the mind and improving your health.

8 Think about your physical health. Practice, run, swim, dance, sing and do what you love.

9 Listen to your heart, follow your dreams and never give up!

10 Happiness is being built day by day, with each success and each new smile. Step by step and you make your dreams come true. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life consists of small things

Many of us believe that they were born under a lucky star. Many of us believe that happiness depends on the origin, property, life circumstances. Many experts believe that emotions are lucky the little things and that happiness can become a habit, or a set of daily habits. 

Below are some small tips to improve your mood and keep a smile on your face.

Laughter is next to godliness
Laughter is very healthy habit. During laughter the facial muscles send signals to the brain to create a good mood. Every day you take the time to laugh. You do not have to have a spectacular reason, but you can always think of something that was funny and then laugh.

Say "Thank you"
Expressing gratitude healthy habits and improves mood. When someone does something nice for you, say "thank you." It will make you both happy. People with whom we are close, we can write a letter, email or sms in which we express gratitude.

Plan a party
Put dream is your wish in the long run. To achieve long-term dream to be a lot of time and money. During the period while saving for their perfect trip, plan and get a little easier. Remember that only the anticipation wonderful event brings pleasure.

Walking is good for your health
A walk in nature is the best option to refresh the body and spirit. Even if you plan a walk with your loved one, your hormones will be lucky to achieve the maximum level.

Eat a healthy diet
Glad causes anxiety. You've probably already noticed. Sometimes humor can fixin portion of food that you love. Do not overdo it. Dark chocolate does amazing things for your mood.

Do something nice for others

Do something just let someone in line in front of you, or call someone in the family who did not call for a long time. When we help others, improves our mood.

Surrender yourself to imagine and enjoy what you are doing

Enjoy a good book, music, movies, cooking, conversation, buy yourself flowers, colored with the room. Do not think for a moment about the responsibilities and the things you need to do. Thinking about unfinished business creates a terrible psychological burdens. Take it easy, relax. All can be reached when there is a good organization and valves for relaxation. Do not think too much about the past and the future, enjoy the present moment and enjoy your life. Remember that you do not have a spare! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why is dangerous chronic stress?

Each person has their own small and big worries and problems and sometimes we all scared and worried. These are normal human emotions. If worries become excessive, then start seriously impair our mental and physical health 

Caring occurs because of the fear of the unknown and uncertainty in situations where we anticipate a potential danger. It is based on the ability of human beings to predict future events, and serves to protect us from dangerous situations. Daily care for themselves, their children, their loved ones, our friends and all the people who are dear to us and we love. We care because the uncertainty.

Emotionally mature and psychologically healthy person has the ability to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy concern.
Healthy concerns allows us to prepare for potential hazards. To solve problems.

Unhealthy care undermines our health and our creativity block. A person who is exposed to an excessive amount of stress concerns constantly accumulates, which prevents the normal functioning of the body. In these situations occur tension, sleep disturbances, fatigue, low immunity, fatigue, disturbed concentration, sore throat and muscle as the final stage may be occurring generalized anxiety and panic attacks.
People who are exposed to excessive stress often fell from obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondriasis, constantly imagining and noncurable severe disease, they want others to see them as sufferers and see the world in black better.

The question is: "How do you bring into a situation where our worries become so severe and chronic?"

In life, the line between normal worry and excessive worry very thin. When one man cross the border, then enter a vicious circle, where continuously thinking of the worst possible outcome: "What if you are diagnosed with leukemia or cancer?" "What if I lose my job?", "What if my child gets sick?" ...
A person who is worried about losing your job constantly lives and jerked and fear and make more and more errors.
Excessive caring parent blocks the development of their child.

How to get rid of care?

People who are preoccupied with concerns miss the most beautiful things in life, miss opportunities because they are blocked by fear. Since life may not require absolute certainty, because you will never have. Accept uncertainty as an integral part of life and live your life. On other occasions you probably will not have it!

Turn your junk care in a healthy concern and shorten its shelf life.
Remember the life that is counterproductive and excessive concern that you will not bring any good.
Chronic worry is destructive damage your heart and brain.

Practice problem-solving strategies. Face your fears and conquer them. When you win, you will see that they were not so scary, difficult and dangerous.
Find ways to relax and think only positive.
Beautiful things happen to those who expect good things.
I wish you a nice day. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to be a great on job?

As far as the modern world we live in, the men were still much easier to travel through life. They can do everything. As much as I find it hard to admit, this is still a man's world. The truth should be seen in the eyes. The environment in which we live is harsh, sometimes even cruel to be successful, pert and ambitious women. 

Being a mother is the most beautiful thing in the world. For a complete happiness is also important and business spheres. The woman was being productive, which also wants to create, to express their productivity, creativity, and contributes to daily life more beautiful your family members as much as she had.
A single mother is much more difficult because the face every day with quiet and loud condemnations and many prejudices, and must be strong enough to hold the smile and his little sun on the right track.

Below are a few skills that every woman should be familiar with if you want to be successful at work and to avoid the daily stress.

1 A good team is extremely important for business success. No matter how much you think you can do it yourself, and sometimes you need help. It's a beautiful feeling when someone successfully completes a job for you. The feeling that you can rely on co-workers is also invaluable. In addition, the working day is beautiful in good company.

2 You can not be rigid formalist, because you never know how it will end up working day and what is waiting for you in the coming days. You need to be flexible. Learn to adapt.  Learn to accept criticism. Flexibility is taught from day to day. You're not the smartest guy in the world.  Create sometimes hard all fall down, but it certainly makes us more productive and protect against new errors. You should never try to finish today each and every job. Surely you will not succeed.  Something should be left for tomorrow, but make a list of priorities for his clever head.

3 Rest is essential to everyone. The moment when you feel fatigue and lack of concentration required a break. After a short break, the energy level rises and makes it easier to do the job that awaits you.

4 Ignore the people who spread gossip and poison your working environment. Ignore the negative people and negative thinking. Do not look back on the bar. I can still remember the good old adage that says: "For the good of the horse dust rising." Do the best you can and the way you feel is right.

5 Sometimes you have to take the risk. Do not be afraid of failure. Fear is the greatest obstacle to the realization of your dreams. Do not overdo it with risk-taking, but sometimes do things which are very afraid, if you strongly believe that your decision is correct. The risk is often worth it!

My dear friends, I wish you a pleasant another day at the office.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

How divorce affects health?

We live in a dark time. Today there is no system of moral values ​​on which we can rely, complacent, because we know that we are sailing in the right direction. I ask myself: "What is today a right way and what to learn our children about life?"
Today, marriage is no longer sacred and the increasing number of marriages ending in divorce. Did the lack of money and hard life the only real reasons? Where's the love?
I will never be clear to people who once loved so fast hate each other? Unfortunately, in most cases the children are the one who ultimately suffer most.

Divorce is a big  stress for our body. Besides the storm of negative emotions, disappointment, sadness, anger, pain, fear, loneliness, suffering, and runs a number of health problems that can be very dangerous.

1 One of them is a condition called chronic stress. This condition is accompanied by a rapid onset and rapid disappearance of the elevated adrenaline levels. In responding to chronic stress and adrenal produces large amounts of the hormone cortisol, which has a number of negative consequences for the organism.
Cortisol increases blood pressure and leads to heart damage. can cause ulcers in the stomach. The moment you begin to lose control of our life, and where nothing goes right, responds to increased adrenal production of cortisol and runs a hell of a process of chronic stress, from which it is difficult to derive. If you can overcome the divorce yourself, seek professional help. Remember the adage: "It is a shame to fall, it's a shame not to find the strength to rise up again."

2 Divorce leads to a decrease of defense in the body and significantly damages your immune system. This again can be explained by increased production of cortisol. In this state you are vulnerable and susceptible to various infections, colds, flu, pneumonia, and so on. There is also an increased risk of autoimmune disease.Try to stabilize the emotional realm and your immune system will return to normal mode.

3 Divorce causes sleep problems
Divorce is reflected in the quality of sleep. Just knowing that you are in bed produces stress and creates a sense of anxiety. So gradually enter into a vicious circle.

4 After the divorce, there is often depression and social isolation, anxiety and depression.

5 Problems with digestion are often the result of divorce, and increased exposure to stress can occur heartburn, vomiting, nausea or irritable bowel syndrome.

6 In the state of chronic stress trying to find comfort in sweets. Excess weight is a regular consequence of stress. Fatty food is so delicious and so comforting. Stop that. You are still beautiful and smart person, even though you did not have enough patience is love or happiness in life.

Try yoga, meditation, running and deep breathing exercises. These are the things that make your feel better.

The identity crisis is bound companion divorce. You lose confidence and faith in yourself. Wondering where you made a mistake? You certainly are not exclusively to blame for the divorce.

Do not forget that every sorrow of life goes on.
After the rain always comes the sun, and as long as you is hard, because you're disappointed, scared, sad, lonely, life goes on. He remembered the smile of a small child who loves you and that you need.
Do not forget your friends and people who care about you.
Surely there will be better days, just keep believing in yourself, in love and people who love you. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The road to happiness

Self-confidence is very important for happiness. Only people who love me, I love other people. Confident people more easily pass through the storms of life and easily reach the desired goals. People who have more faith in their own capabilities easier to set goals and know what they want out of life.
To gain confidence, you have to beat the complexes. What do you mean two pimples on your face, or bags for a sleepless night? Not the end of the world if you still do not look perfect.

Confidence shows. Also, very easy to notice complexes and insecurities. Confidence is the key to success. Of course, you should not overdo it. Remember that self-criticism is very important to the happiness and beautiful relationships with people.

People who lack self-confidence and self-belief, often miss important things in life. Even when you recognize the important things, have the courage to pursue their dreams. People who do not have optimal levels of self-esteem do not value themselves and have no friends, unhappy at work, with health problems and posing as eternal victims. Very often there are people who do not reveal a lack of self-confidence.

There are a number of changes that you can make in life to appreciate him more and reinforce confidence. The first step is to discover the sources of dissatisfaction and things that destroy your opinion of yourself. Throw away negative thoughts.
Awaken their creativity and do what you love, not what others expect of you.

Find what makes you happy. Reward yourself for every success. Do not punish yourself for the relative failure and do not forget that each new day is an opportunity for a new beginning. Discard prejudices and beliefs that limit you. Find the freedom within.
Decide if you want to change and move forward boldly.
Surround yourself with positive people and do not take it too seriously others' criticism, particularly if motivated by jealousy.

Be open to new ideas and, most of all, know yourself and find your way to freedom.
Today is the right time to smile.